About KC Fire FC

Our Teams

KC Fire FC has several teams with most of them playing through Heartland Soccer League.  Our teams have won numerous heartland league titles, tournament titles, futsal regionals and national qualifier.

Unlike other clubs whose focus is on having as many teams as possible, KC Fire FC focuses on forming high quality teams. Our growth will continue to be organic in nature and driven by good quality coaches for our players. Therefore, we will not form teams unless we have a qualified coach willing to coach the team and a demand from our soccer families for the new team.

Training Sessions

Our current training ground is at ODAC (Olathe District Athletic Center).  We train on a high quality, soccer specific turf field, and also on a high quality, soccer specific grass field. Our teams train on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  

We have a dedicated goalie trainer, who is part of the KC Fire FC coaching staff and trains our goalies one training session per week during the Fall and Spring seasons.   The training is included in the club fees and provided at no additional cost to the players.   The training is scheduled on the same night as a training night and does not require an additional night of commitment for the player.  We encourage our goalies to continue to play on the field with their primary team or another team within the club.

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Winter Training

At KC Fire FC, we believe playing multiple sports helps develop players into better soccer players and helps reinforce the importance of exploring other interests. At the same time, we understand some players want to play soccer all day, every day.  Therefore, we offer players the opportunities to play two sessions of Winter soccer. One session is usually futsal or indoor soccer (without walls) and a second session is either outdoor soccer (11v11 format).

It is not required to play both sessions with some players taking a session off to rest or focus on other sports.  Both options are built into the fee structure and does not impact player fees.

Fees and Costs

At KC Fire FC, we understand the value of soccer is not in college scholarships or becoming a professional soccer player, but in teaching life lessons through being part of a team.  While we encourage our players to be the best soccer player they can be, we understand the cost of youth sports has made playing multiple sports difficult.   Therefore, we strive to keep costs as low as possible. We have also tried to keep fees simple, no hidden fees and we try to keep the unknowns to a minimum.

The price per player ranges from $900 to $1,300 for all expenses, this includes league fees, tournaments, club fee, coaching fee, practice rentals, goalie training, required uniform (two jerseys, shorts and socks) and state registrations. The cost is dependent on a number of factors such as the number of tournaments and the size of the team roster.